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The Power of Collecting Positive Experiences

When you find yourself in a low mood, consider it a sign that there has been a depletion of positive experiences to fill your emotional well(being).

Founder of DBT, Marcia Linehan, discusses the importance of collecting positive experiences, both short and long term.

Short term positive experiences can include anything from eating your favorite chocolate to taking a pleasant walk. Some other ideas are listed on Consider them quick fixes but also quite important.

It's also important to collect long term positive experiences like building a relationship so that those short term experiences continue. What goals do you have towards a life worth living? How can your loved ones or a therapist support you in achieving those goals?

Try mapping your long term goals to get a sense of what you need to do to achieve them.

1) Create one big list of all the goals you have.

2) Start categorizing them into financial, educational, work, personal, and social categories to see if the goals are balanced. Remember if you have more goals in the work section, try balancing it with some more personal goals.

3) Create a weekly plan that allows you to tackle those goals each day to some degree. Remember not to be too rigid!

It can be overwhelming to think about all your goals. How can you make it manageable? I'm happy to help. Schedule an appointment here.

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