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LCSW 100466 in CA, LICSW 125993 in MA, LCSW 21681 in AZ, MSW, RYT-200

I serve as a Social Worker, Yoga Teacher, or Nonprofit Consultant to Los Angeles and virtually in Massachusetts and Arizona. I help make mental health and wellness accessible to underserved populations through affordable therapy and yoga, as well as offering writing and research.


Let's talk about how I can support you! Have you found yourself emotionally, mentally, or physically dysregulated after a crisis or change? As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Master of Social Work, I support people in finding balance, stability, recovery, and hope through therapy and reintegration into community support networks. As a yoga teacher for non-mental health clients, I provide customized yoga sequences to fit physical needs. I also offer nonprofits research and consultation support.  More info listed below. 


I design treatment plans utilizing evidence-based practices such as CBT, DBT, ACT, EMDR, ERP, or PE to address the immediate needs of clients facing trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, chronic illness, or the effects of borderline personality disorder.  Through individual and group therapy, I help clients meet long-term goals towards self-efficacy and mental stability.  Sessions may include processing narratives around trauma, cognitive restructuring around unhelpful thought processes or behaviors, solution-focused work around taking action towards interpersonal and personal change, psychoeducation, tracking behaviors outside of therapy, and mindfulness exercises. For an intake, contact (978) 396-0358 or Find me on Psychology Today.

Therapy Session
Yoga Class


I offer in-depth hour-long yoga classes with meditation to non-mental health clients in Los Angeles, separate from my therapy sessions.  Sessions may include Hatha and Asana sequences, chair yoga, restorative stretching, and both Yin and Yang yoga.  I can do private home visits or host group sessions at support groups, businesses, and nonprofits.  Therapy is not offered to yoga clients, nor is yoga offered to therapy clients due to ethical concerns. Connect via email at if interested.


I write copy for nonprofit newsletters, articles, research, and videos.  I can also create short-form videos and have an interest in offering research support on LGBTQIA issues, suicide prevention, and chronic illness.  Click on the Qualifications tab for a sample of past work and connect via email at to collaborate.

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Los Angeles, CA, USA

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