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Hi, I'm Alessandra Rizzotti.

I am an LCSW in private practice in CA, MA, and AZ, as well as at NOCD, the leading teletherapy website for OCD treatment.  I am also a practitioner from the UC LEND program, in hopes of improving care for neurodivergent children.  I am an Academy of Cognitive Therapy CBT Certified, DBT DMH Certified Clinician, and EMDR Certified therapist (LCSW 100466). I work with neurodivergence, anxiety, OCD, depression, trauma, grief, and borderline personality disorder.  I love supporting people on their journeys towards self-actualization and wellness.  


Prior to my current work at NOCD, I was a Clinical Social Worker 3 at UCLA Behavioral Health Associates, 2021-2022, where I offered care to a caseload of 70 children and adults with various conditions including anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, OCD, and ADHD.  In 2018-21, I served as a Psychiatric Social Worker 1 and 2 at the Department of Mental Health's American Indian Counseling Center, offering care to 30 high crisis clients with substance use disorders, borderline personality disorder, and PTSD. As an intern at Harbor UCLA (2017-18), I was trained in modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Prolonged Exposure Trauma Therapy (PE). As a Grief Specialist at Our House Grief Support Center, I ran elementary, middle, and high school grief support groups in underserved communities (2016-17). I also provided suicide prevention and crisis intervention support at The Trevor Project (2015-18), the only national accredited organization in suicide prevention and crisis intervention for LGBTQIA youth. 


As a Yoga Alliance and Breathe for Change yoga certified teacher (RYT-200), I offer meditation, Hatha, Asana, Chair, and Restorative yoga to non-mental health clients, including underserved populations such as a multiple sclerosis support group, as well as private clients who live with chronic illness. 


In my past 10-year media career in TV, social media, and magazines, I produced internal and external facing communications as the Communications and PR Manager at The Trevor Project (2015-16), helped create advertorial campaigns for social impact media company GOOD Inc. (2012-2014), and wrote social impact articles that involved research and qualitative interviewing for GOOD, Idealist, Takepart, and The White House's "Women Working to Do Good" column. At times, I offer these media and research skills to nonprofits.

Whether you want to work with me as a therapy client, yoga client, or nonprofit consultation client, I'm a social worker with a micro, mezzo, and macro mindset.

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I'm a Clinical Social Worker and Mental Health Advocate. 


I'm a Yoga Teacher for the Mind-Body-Spirit.

I'm a Meditator.

I'm a Chronic Illness Researcher.

I'm an Ally for LGBTQIA folks and People of Color.

I'm an Empathetic Listener.

I'm a Safe Space.

I'm In Your Corner. I've Been There.

I've found mind-body relief through therapy, yoga, and community connection. I'm passionate about helping others do the same.  Whether you work with me as a therapy client or yoga client, I'll help you find balance despite any challenges that may come your way. 


As a consultant to nonprofits, I've seen what stories draw in fundraising dollars and what media catches the eyes of donors. I'll help your nonprofit find its voice and reach more people.

Let's Change Your Narrative.

I can help you shape a more effective narrative for your mind, body, or nonprofit.


The mind and body are interconnected and they tell stories to one another.  If your thoughts are racing, your body is most likely feeling tension and if your body is sick, you're most likely feeling an increase in anxiety or low mood. You have the power to change your mind-body relationship. I can help you in your journey as a social worker or yoga teacher.


For nonprofits that may need help with messaging and changing branding, it starts with looking at who you're reaching, why, and what media is garnering the most attention. Let me be your media detective so we can change how you present your narrative.

Official Stuff

I am registered as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (CA 100466, AZ 21681 and MA LICSW 125993) with the Board of Behavioral Sciences and I've been practicing as a clinical intern since 2016 with a Certification from The Academy of Cognitive Therapy (01972), trained as an EMDR therapist through the Institute of Creative Mindfulness (2020), and obtained DBT certification through DMH and TIC (2021).  I obtained my 3200 clinical hours for licensure from the Department of Mental Health and Lindau Counseling.


I'm a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance with 200 hours obtained from Breathe for Change Yoga.


I'm an Organizing for Action Fellow who organized a sit-in for Santa Clarita's senator, and a Clinton Global Initiative University Fellow who submitted a proposal to create an online chronic illness community of support.


I have 10 years of experience in media. Nonprofit media work can be seen under the Qualifications tab.

I have a Master's of Social Work from California State University, Northridge with training in DBT, CBT, ACT, and PE from Harbor UCLA and a Bachelor's in Film Production and a Minor in Social Work from University of Southern California.

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