Role: Communications Manager

As a Communications Manager at The Trevor Project, I wrote monthly newsletters, social media posts, articles for The Advocate and Huffington Post, created scripts for videos, and helped fundraise over 1 million dollars for the organization through various fundraising campaigns. During National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, our Communications team collaborated with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and actress Kira Kosarin's family to create a campaign with the goal to help save young LGBTQ lives. A billboard was erected in Times Square, PSAs featuring Kira Kosarin were produced by father Daniel Kosarin and posted on YouTube, and shareable infographics and media banners were designed and shared across our social media channels. See more at


Role: Grief Specialist and Videographer/Editor

This video was produced to encourage youth to consider joining in-house groups at Our House Grief Support Center.  It was utilized in various communications strategies.


Role: Associate Editor, Communications Manager, and Writer

As an Associate Editor at GOOD, I collaborated with social impact changemakers and designers to produce articles as well as infographics, some of which you can click on above.  This led to a promotion as a Community Manager, a role in which I managed a community of 900,000 online members and helped over 50 crowdfunding projects raise over 1 million dollars through publicizing their work on the column I created entitled "Push for Good." Click on each image to read more.

826 LA

Role: Workshop Facilitator and Chapbook Editor

Using my training in child development at UCLA, I created a workshop on how to create narrative from art and art from narrative. These are samples of what the children created.  Writing was collected and edited into a chapbook that children could share with their families.


Role: Fundraiser and Researcher

As President of CSUN Social Work Society, my team created professional development, advocacy, and self-care opportunities for our students. We fundraised $15,000 for Lobby Days so that our students could fight for bills in Sacramento, one of which passed in California (SB 10), which eliminates the power of bail money as a condition of release from prison. We also donated $3000 for our Trauma Conference, featuring lead speakers Lauren van Dernoot Lipsky (Trauma Stewardship Institute) and Joy DeGruy (Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome). As researcher and fundraiser for Chronic Support, I helped raise $1900 through the Clinton Global Initiative and CSUN to help fundraise research on how chronically ill individuals and caregivers manage chronic illness with the goal to eventually form support networks for both parties both on and offline. Other organizations I have helped fundraise for include The National MS Society's research initiatives ($20,000), The Trevor Project ($1605), and Our House Grief Support Center ($2000).

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